South Shore Homeowners: Protect Your Original Windows With Storm Windows!

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“I love having a historic home,” Daniel said. “Our house is small but it’s charming, and we’ve been lucky enough that almost everything is original. The bathroom and kitchen have been upgraded for modern lifestyles, but our trim, hardware and windows are all from when the house was built.”

Original windows require a fair bit of work to stay looking sharp. That’s part of the reason we’re in the replacement window business – people get tired of having to continually scrape and repaint their windows, re-putty loose glass, and deal with the inevitable chilly drafts that come with original windows. But if you’ve got older windows you love and want to keep – as is very common on South Shore porches! – then you’ll want to know the magic two words that can cut down on the amount of maintenance you need to do and prolong your enjoyment of your original windows.

Those two words are storm windows. Storm windows are installed over your existing original windows, protecting them from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy the look and view. They’re ideal for South Shore porch windows, which often face the waterfront & stormy weather. Additionally, because storm windows block out the cold wind, you can enjoy your porch without being so chilly. If you heat your porch, you’ll notice a real difference in energy costs after you have storm windows installed.

Most storm windows are mounted on the exterior of the home, but for some specific applications, interior storm window panels are available. When used in combination with an exterior storm window, the result is a triple glazed window, which is extremely energy efficient. Not sure what’s best for your South Shore home? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you choose.