South Shore Style: Choosing Windows for Your Bathroom

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As a South Shore replacement window company, we spend a lot of time helping people choose windows for their home. Windows have to work really well – letting the natural light you want indoors while keeping cold air, rain, and all the rest of the weather out – while adding to the appearance of your home. You want windows that look nice, that complement your home and reflect your personal style. Here’s what you need to know about choosing windows for your bathroom:

Privacy Matters

If there’s one place where you’d like to have some privacy, it’s the bathroom. That’s one of the reasons bathroom windows tend to be smaller than the other windows in the home. It’s also more common to see windows with frosted or textured glass in the bathroom: this glass makes it harder for anyone outdoors to see what’s going on inside.

The small size and privacy glass considerations make choosing a custom replacement window your best option. These windows are precision fit for your home, which is the best way to eliminate drafts and moisture penetration. You can also choose from a wide range of privacy options for your glass. Many people are surprised at the many available options and enjoy spending time deciding which one is right for their bathroom.

Easy Maintenance

The best windows for bathrooms are easy maintenance. Everyone wants a clean bathroom. When shopping for bathroom windows, make sure to ask about the features and functionality. Some replacement bathroom windows tip in for easy cleaning. Vinyl replacement windows need no extra care to stay looking great – simply spray them down with a hose as needed outside; inside, everything wipes clean with regular household cleaners.

High quality replacement windows come with warranty protection. Before you choose your windows, find out what kind of warranty they come with, and what’s covered. We install Harvey and CertainTeed replacement windows, both of which come with industry leading guarantees.