South Shore: Turn on the Charm with Replacement Windows

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“They say eyes are the windows of the soul,” Amber said. “Maybe windows are the eyes of the house!” Amber’s South Shore home was in need of a facelift. “We looked at this project from a design perspective,” Amber explained. “Our goal was to create an exterior that is welcoming and upbeat. The house has a great porch – it’s spacious and relaxing – but it looked really dated. When we talked about what was less than perfect with the porch, everyone agreed: the windows had to go.”

In the South Shore region, porch windows often weren’t chosen with the same care and attention as the windows in the home. It was not unusual for windows to be repurposed from other projects, or to be of a lower quality than the rest of the windows used in the home. Today, people are enjoying outdoor living more, and porch windows need to be attractive and functional.

Vinyl porch replacement windows are made with 100% virgin PVC, which means they’re more durable and long-lasting in the South Shore’s weather conditions. Vinyl porch windows are also available in a variety of colors and styles. “I fell in love with the look of 9 pane porch windows, but thought something like that was going to definitely be outside of our price range,” Amber said. “But I called the South Shore replacement window company my friend recommended, and they turned out to be much more affordable than I expected.”

The other factor that helped Amber choose replacement windows for her porch was the maintenance involved. “Do you love doing chores around the house?” she asked. “Because I really don’t. There are about six million things I’d rather do then paint window frames to keep my house looking fresh. With the vinyl porch windows, all you have to do is spray them with the hose when they start looking dingy. Nothing could be easier!”