South Shore Vinyl Siding Dealers: Who Can You Trust

Over 1,000 homes served in over 40 years of business

“It’s time to get new siding put on our home,” Jean said. “What we have on now is original from when the house was built in the Sixties. The color is faded unevenly – it’s bleached out in those areas that get prolonged full sun, and darker where we have some shade. Some of the siding is sagging, and even though we were luckier than most during Hurricane Sandy, there was some damage that needs to be repaired. So we started looking for South Shore vinyl siding dealers – but how do you know who you can trust?”

The first step in finding a reliable vinyl siding dealer is to identify a company that’s been in business for quite a while. Look for an established business address: someone who tells you their truck is their office may be very hard to track down when you need them! Ideally, ten or more years in the field is good: you want to work with professionals who have had time to become familiar with the different vinyl siding products and develop truly expert installation skills. Of course check to see if all work is guaranteed – it’s best to work with a company who’s willing to stand behind their work.

The quality of the vinyl siding really matters. Take time to understand what specific brand of vinyl siding is being offered to you: they’re not all alike. Ask to see a sample, so you can feel the quality and assess for yourself how well the siding stand up in the weather conditions at your house, where you live. Here in the South Shore, we experience some real weather extremes. You want a vinyl siding that can stay looking good through wild winter winds and super hot summer days. It’s also important that the siding is attractive: with today’s options in vinyl, there’s a high quality option for every style, including board and batten vertical siding.