Boost Your Curb Appeal & Add Color To Your Home with Vinyl Siding

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“Our house has been white since we bought it,” Beth said. “And it’s cute, but it’s been ten years, and I’m tired of it. There’s a few places along the side wall where the siding is starting to sag that just look terrible, and there’s a little bit of wind damage on the northwest corner. Rather that try to patch everything up, we decided to give our South Shore home a total makeover. New vinyl siding will make our home look better, and feed my need for color.”

Many people who think they know what vinyl siding’s all about are surprised at what they find when they start doing research. Today’s high quality modern vinyl siding is available in vertical and horizontal designs. Choose any look you like, from the very traditional clapboard style to the South Shore favorite – board and batten vertical siding.

“The color choices are amazing too!” Beth explained. “I thought we’d be limited to drab, neutral shades, but no. There are some truly vibrant colors available.” After initially narrowing her selection down to a bright yellow and an eye-catching blue, Beth chose the blue vinyl siding. “It was a famiy vote, and the blue won 3-2,” she explained. “Everyone agreed either color was better than our old white siding, which was starting to look a little dingy.”

“You have to think about curb appeal in the South Shore,” she added. “There are so many lovely homes in our neighborhood. We didn’t want to stand out as the family with the ugly house! Having vinyl siding installed provided the dramatic transformation we were hoping for, for a pretty reasonable investment. And this siding is supposed to last a long time – 30 years or more!”