Garden Windows: Framing the View

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“Over the course of 2020, I did what a lot of people did,” Janice said. “I really, really got into gardening.” The South Shore homeowner transformed her back yard, putting in a small pond, a raised bed vegetable garden, and what she laughingly calls an orchard in training – three small apple trees. “What I’d like to do now is change the windows in the kitchen to give me a better, less obstructed view.”

One of the advantages of installing replacement windows is you can choose a different style of window than the windows you’ve been living with. For Janice, who has spent many years looking through 9 light window grids, the opportunity to replace them with grill-free glass was too good to miss. “It’s fair to say I was a little excited,” she said with a laugh. “But you can’t deny that the garden looks fantastic.”

Choosing Garden Windows: Tips and Ideas

“I spent a lot of time reading,” Janice explained. “And I tried to think like a landscaper. When I was standing in the kitchen, looking out my window, what did I want to see?” This exercise helped her position her flower beds to their best advantage. “The raised bed was such a production – I didn’t want to have to move it once it was installed,” she explained. “Taking the time to work through this process was time well spent.”

In addition to an unobstructed view, Janice wanted the windows to have a wooden frame inside. Wood clad vinyl windows are the top choice for many traditional homes in the South Shore. “They also have the easy clean functionality, which I appreciate,” she explained. “My South Shore window company was great at explaining all of my options for garden windows.” Janice considers the energy efficiency provided by her new replacement windows to be an extra benefit. “It’s really nice to know I’ll be saving money on heating and cooling the house with my new windows.”