Home Heating Costs Out of Control? It Might Be Your Windows

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The typical South Shore homeowner has three priorities during the winter: staying warm, staying healthy, and saving money. What can stymie these wholesome plans? Old and leaky windows, which are surprisingly common in the South Shore region.

How Old is an Old Window?

You know how a cell phone that’s only 2 years old can be totally obsolete technology? Windows don’t lose their value quite that quickly, but the fact is that after ten to fifteen years of South Shore weather, some windows really start to show their age. The real problem area is performance. Where there’s cracks, gaps, or problems with the windowsill, older windows let cold air in and warm air out. The result: you spend a lot more money heating your home than you want to!

How Do I Tell If My Windows Are Leaking Air?

Answering this question is simpler than you might think. Simply put your hand near the window, preferably on a chilly day. If your hand stays comfortable and warm, you have no problem. If, however, as your hand moves closer to the window it begins to feel noticeably cooler, your windows are leaking. You can carefully hold a lighted candle near a window and watch the motion of the flame to check for drafts.

Can Leaky Windows Be Repaired?

If you only have one leaky or damaged window, your South Shore window and door company can certainly repair that for you. However, the case is that most homes have multiple windows of the same age and condition. In these instances, having replacement windows installed is often the most cost-effective way to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Can Windows Be Replaced During the Winter in the South Shore?

To begin saving money on your home heating bill, you want to replace leaky windows as quickly as possible. The local South Shore window and door company has the expertise to perform rapid window replacement. Windows can be replaced in all but the most severe weather conditions.