Smart Spring Home Improvements: Is It Time for a New Storm Door?

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Are you tired of tugging on your storm door to make sure it’s really closed? Hate the sound it makes thudding against the house when the wind tugs the storm door open? Does snow and rain somehow consistently make it inside the storm door? Does your storm door keep the cold out?

Storm doors have a tough job. As the front line of home defense against winter winds and summer heat, storm doors are supposed to protect our homes against the elements. They’re also supposed to look attractive, and often are created in such a way to showcase the beauty of the entryway door. Is your storm door doing its job the way you’d like it to? How can you tell if it’s time to replace or upgrade your South Shore storm door?

Here are the red flag signs you want to watch for:

Dings, dents, scratches, or damage: Storm doors take the brunt of extreme weather. Sometimes they’re hit by debris. Other times, people or pets can inadvertently cause damage severe enough to prompt storm door replacement.

The door doesn’t close easily or securely: The entire point of having a storm door is that it stays shut. If the frame of your storm door has warped or you see gaps around the door jamb, it’s time to think storm door replacement.

Water and insect damage: Some communities in the South Shore are fairly close to the water. Living near the ocean can be tough on exposed surfaces, as salt, sand and other abrasive materials are carried by strong winds. When the door’s damaged or infested with insects (yuck!) it’s time for a new storm door.

The average life of a storm door depends a lot on the quality of its construction. We’ve all seen the flimsy discount storm doors that come apart in a stiff breeze! By contrast, top quality storm doors can deliver reliable performance for more than 30 years. This is truly one instance where you get what you pay for.