Storm Window Season in the South Shore

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Storm window season in the South Shore doesn’t start at the same time every year. Our variable seasons are part of what makes life in New England fun: not everyone gets to enjoy steamy hot summers and snowy winters. However, the range of temperatures our homes are exposed to means we’ve got to take steps to keep our homes comfortable. When the mercury goes down and stays down, and the autumn leaves have been swept away by winter’s biting wind, you want to have your storm windows in place.

Important home owner fact: storm windows wear out over the course of time. Taking the brunt of winter’s wrath year after year after year takes its toll. Before you put your storm windows up for the season, look them over carefully. What kind of condition are they actually in? If the glass is cracked, loose, or just tenuously held in the frame by putty and prayer, how effective do you expect these storm windows to be? Frigid wind can sneak in through every opening in your building envelope, leaving your family cold and uncomfortable. Nobody wants that!

Replacement storm windows are available for the South Shore home. These storm windows are durable, energy efficient, and sized to be an exact replacement for your old storm windows. Today’s storm windows are often much easier to install for the homeowner, taking the stress out of one seasonal job. Taking them off again when spring comes again is a snap!

If it’s time for a South Shore storm window upgrade, give us a call. You can be much warmer in your home this winter, just by upgrading your storm windows.