Storm Windows in the South Shore, MA: Signs Autumn is Definitely on Its Way

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You may have thought it was the arrival of Pumpkin-Spice flavored everything that started the fall, or maybe the first Pats game, but no: for many South Shore homeowners, the sign that autumn is here in earnest is when the storm windows are installed. If you’ve got an older home, you may have the old-school storm windows that are put on every year around this time, shielding your home from cold and wet weather until the first balmy summer days when it’s time to take down the storm windows.

It’s a nice tradition – but are your old-school storm windows really doing your home any justice? The truth is that older storm windows are generally single panes of glass that can only do so much to protect your home from the elements. Modern replacement storm windows are a better, more engineered glass that keeps wind and water out, eliminates cold drafts and breezes, and even buffers neighborhood traffic sounds.

Putting up and taking down storm windows is a physically demanding job. Storm windows aren’t necessarily very heavy, but they are an awkward size and shape, and they’re made mostly of glass, which is very breakable. Maneuvering around your home, climbing ladders one or more stories high as needed, to install storm windows, can be very challenging. This is especially true if you have health or balance challenges, or don’t have anyone to help you. Modern replacement storm windows can be installed permanently, which eliminates the need to go through this dangerous, labor-intensive routine every year: our professional team does all the installation, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting at all!

Let’s talk about design and storm windows in the South Shore, MA area. As you know, this is a very appearance-conscious community: curb appeal matters. There are a variety of storm window designs, ranging from unobtrusive, invisible designs to custom models that add visual interest to your windows.