Did Thanksgiving Dinner Make It Clear You Need Storm Windows Installed?

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“My sisters and I all take turns hosting Thanksgiving, and this year, it was my turn,” Donna said. “And everything went great – I didn’t burn the turkey! -but there was some weather at my place and the wind was really intense. Smaller branches were coming off of the trees and this clump of leaves smacked right into the dining room window. My mother-in-law said ‘You guys better get some storm windows!’ and I think she’s right.”

Storm Windows for the South Shore

Storm windows protect your home’s windows from the weather. There are two types of storm windows used in the South Shore region. Exterior storm windows are put in place on the outside of your home. These windows are permanently installed – you don’t have to worry about putting them up and taking them down every year. Today’s best storm windows feature an unobtrusive design so your home’s aesthetic doesn’t change while your home becomes more energy efficient.

Interior storm windows are the most cost-effective form of energy efficiency. Interior storm windows are panels that are installed on the inside of the house using magnetic fasteners or small clips. These windows work really well in Tudor and Contemporary homes, as well as any home that has steel windows. There are three finish options to choose from – white, almond, and dark bronze.

Scheduling Storm Window Installation

It’s not too late to have storm windows installed. Winter’s worst weather is only a few weeks away and you want your family to be protected. When choosing a storm window company in the South Shore, look for a company that’s experienced, with a reputation for excellence and the willingness to stand behind their work. Having storm windows installed involves having your home’s windows measured, the storm windows are made to order, and then installed by trained professionals. To find out more about having storm windows installed in your South Shore home, click here.