How Important are Storm Windows in the South Shore?

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“We’ve just put a new roof on our South Shore home, so I don’t have much of a budget to work with,” Ryan said. “But I know we need to do something about our windows. They let in a lot of air. It’s very drafty in our bedroom and in our son’s bedroom. What can I do to address that situation before winter arrives?”

Replacement storm windows are a budget-friendly way to eliminate chilly drafts and improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Storm windows can be installed over your existing windows, on the exterior of the house, or mounted indoors. According to, replacement storm windows reduce air movement into and out of existing windows. This means less cold air coming in, and less warmed air leaking out. When warmed air is retained within the home, your family enjoys a more comfortable living space. Additionally, keeping warmed air in means your heating system needs to run less often, saving you money.

Replacement storm windows in the South Shore also buffer sound effectively. Whether you’ve got a busy street with lots of traffic nearby or a very loud bird who insists on greeting the dawn loudly every single morning on your property, you’ll appreciate the new peace and quiet that comes with storm window installation. Researchers have found that a quiet, comfortable bedroom can improve your chances of enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Storm windows are most important in regions with extreme weather events, wild winds, and cold winter temperatures. The South Shore certainly qualifies on all counts. One of the advantages of choosing replacement storm windows from a South Shore company is you don’t have to worry about the installation process. Having the pros put the storm windows on for you means you never have to stand on a ladder! Additionally, replacement storm windows look a lot nicer than the plastic window film kits available at home improvement stores.