Storm Windows With Screens

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“Our home is on the older side,” Stephen said, “And we’re lucky that the original windows are in pretty good shape. For years, I’ve been putting on and taking off the storm windows that came with the house, but this spring, a few of them were damaged. When I looked into getting them repaired, I got the same advice from everyone: it’s time for an upgrade.”

Today’s storm windows are designed with the busy homeowner in mind. One of the things we’ve learned from working with Braintree homeowners is that no one loves the chore of putting storm windows on and taking them off again. Old storm windows are heavy, unwieldy, and feature large panes of glass that break easily: the risk of breakage and potentially even injury to the homeowner is high. Today’s exterior storm windows don’t have to be removed. They are built to facilitate easy cleaning with quick remove sashes. They can also be opened when the weather is nice: full screen options let the breeze in while keeping bugs out.

Storm windows with screens are generally available for double hung or side by side windows. Picture windows, door sidelights and other windows that aren’t designed to open can be addressed with a special picture window storm window or deadlite storm windows, which are screwed in place to provide permanent, superior protection against air infiltration.

Interior storm windows are another option, used to boost the energy efficiency of the home simply and effectively. Interior storm windows are removable, via easy to use clips or magnetic strips. Not sure what type of storm windows are best for your Braintree home? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!