Sunrooms: Ideal for South Shore Entertaining

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This year, Marie is having her entire family visit for Easter. “I’m so excited. Both of my daughters are coming, with all of my grandchildren. There will be eleven of us!”

When you’re hosting a holiday or other fun event, you want to make sure there’s enough space for everyone, no matter what the weather is. “It never fails,” Marie said. “When you make plans, Mother Nature will give you some rain!” The weather in the South Shore can be extremely variable, changing on a moment’s notice. A sun room provides shelter from the elements while allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. “The garden isn’t doing much yet,” Marie said, “But we do have some daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers coming up, and there are a few blooms on the cherry tree. The kids can enjoy the colors without getting out in the mud – which makes their mothers happy!”

Marie has also been using her sun room to entertain her book club. “Richard – that’s my husband – he loves his television,” she said with a laugh. “Park him in front of that, and he’s happy. Using the sun room gives us girls some nice space to enjoy each other’s company. We laugh a lot, and it’s nice not to worry that we’re too loud.”

Marie has used her sun room for hosting informal meals. “It’s so nice to have brunch out there. And Richard and I do like to have coffee in the sun room.” Sun rooms are usable all year round. “We had our South Shore building contractor include built-in heating. Most of the year, we don’t need it – the sun warms it up beautifully – but when the flurries start flying, it’s nice to be toasty warm.” She hasn’t hosted Christmas in her sunroom yet, but “I’m thinking about it!” Marie said. “There’s plenty of room for a nice little tree!”