The Best Home Exterior For Long Term Independent Living

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“I bought this home knowing I’m going to be here for quite a while,” Tina said. The 58 year old bought a fixer upper in the Marshfield area, and is making renovations with long term living in mind. “So I want to choose an exterior that’s going to look good, without me having to do a ton of upkeep and without costing me a ton of money.”

Does this sound familiar? Many home exterior choices, such as traditional wooden clapboards, require a significant amount of maintenance. Annual painting and power washing may not seem like such a big deal in your fifties, but when you’re eighty, you may feel differently about things. “Sure, you can hire someone to do this for you,” Tina said with a laugh, “but I’ve seen my retirement fund. There’s not enough money in there for me to pay for painting the house every time I turn around.”

Vinyl siding, on the other hand, requires no regular maintenance. The color stays strong and true for decades, without fading in the sun. You never have to paint vinyl siding. Minor scratches and dings don’t show, because the color goes all the way through.  Periodic washing does help vinyl siding in areas that get splashed by mud stay looking crisp and clean; most homeowners can do this with a simple attachment to their garden hose.

Comparing costs also makes the appeal of vinyl siding immediately apparent. Vinyl siding is infinitely more affordable than clapboard or brick, making it an ideal choice for the remodeler on a budget.