The Duxbury Home: 3 Signs It’s Time for Replacement Windows

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Life gets crazy, and we all have a tendency to push home improvement jobs onto the back burner from time to time. But there comes a point where the condition of your windows can have a negative impact on your family’s health and happiness. Here are three signs to watch for – a set of clues that will let you know when it’s time to get serious about upgrading your windows:

Sign #1: The Weather’s Getting Inside Your House

If it’s cold outside, can you feel chilly drafts inside the house? Does it stay dry around your windows during a rain storm? Do your windows frost over or ice up during the winter time? Your windows have a role to play in protecting your family from the elements. Your family deserves to be comfortable inside the house! If the windows are making it difficult to stay warm & dry, it’s time to replace them.

Sign #2: Your Heating Bill is Out of Control

Did you know you can lose up to 40% of your home’s heat through old, leaky windows? Here’s what that means: when you’re losing heat, you have to replace it so your family stays warm. That means your furnace runs more, which means you need more fuel oil – and guess what? They don’t give fuel oil away. It’s actually pretty pricey. If looking at your home heating bill is making you sick to your stomach, it’s time to take action.

Sign #3: You’re Not Proud of the Way Your House Looks

Everyone wants to live in a house that looks nice. Windows have a huge impact on the appearance and curb appeal of your home. If the way your windows look has been dragging you down, it’s time to learn about your options for replacement windows in Duxbury. Vinyl replacement windows are available in a variety of styles and when chosen wisely can make your home much better looking!