The Hanover Home: 4 Ways Replacement Windows Make Your Life Better

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If you’re trying to decide which home renovation project will give you the biggest bang for the buck, take a moment to read this article about having replacement windows installed. In our casual survey of Hanover area homeowners, we found that there are 4 ways replacement windows make life better:

1) The house gets quieter.

“In our neighborhood there’s a lot of traffic early in the morning, and then again around dinner time. I thought we just had to live with it,” Stasi said, “but then we got replacement windows installed. And I was shocked at how that neighborhood noise just…faded away. Every now and then, we’ll hear something but the everyday traffic sounds are gone – and I don’t miss them!”

2) The house looks better.

“There are some really nice houses in Hanover, and of course, we live right next to one,” Mike said. “And I couldn’t help thinking how people would see that house, and then our house, and what they would think. Since we had the replacement windows installed, I’ve been much more proud of the way our house looks. The windows are a nice upgrade. We’ve gotten quite a few compliments!”

3) The house is more comfortable

“Living in Hanover, you get some weather. Some of the drafts we got in the house, especially in the room where my Mother-in-Law sleeps, were really chilly. It’s not healthy to get cold like that. We’ve just had our first grandbaby and that’s what made us go for the replacement windows. When you have a little one, you can’t have those cold drafts in the house!”

4) The heating bill is lower

“I was honestly shocked when I went to pay the fuel bill and saw how low it was,” Michelle said. “The Hanover window replacement company told us we’d save money, but I didn’t think it would be that much!” Because up to 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through leaking windows, having the windows replaced increases a home’s energy efficiency, meaning less fuel oil is required. The result- you save money.