The Plymouth Homeowner: Replacement Windows Increase Comfort

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“Our home is beautiful – I love to look at it,” Renee said, “but it’s not very comfortable.” She had three complaints about her Plymouth, MA home: it was very drafty, expensive to heat, and the traffic noise from a busy street outside made it hard to relax. “We talked to a building contractor in Plymouth, thinking they’d say something about increasing the insulation in the walls. We were really shocked when they recommended having replacement windows installed.”

Replacement windows to combat drafts & chilly rooms.
Homeowners don’t always understand the role windows play in keeping chilly breezes outdoors. Your windows let in light, but they’re meant to keep warm air in and cold air out. Gaps, cracks, or failures in or around your windows means the frigid cold winter air can come in unimpeded, and that’s how drafts start. Having replacement windows installed eliminates the gaps and cracks, keeping the cold air out.

Replacement windows reduce home heating costs. All the gaps, cracks and failures in or around your existing windows that let cold air in also let warm air out. Once that warm air is gone, you have to replace it in order to keep your family comfortable. That means your furnace or home heating system has to run more, which means you use more fuel, which means your bills are very high. Energy experts estimate that as much as 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through leaky windows. Replacing those windows with more airtight modern replacement windows means the warm air stays in and you run your heat less often. The result? You save money.

Replacement windows reduce noise. One of the main reasons we install replacement windows in Plymouth is noise reduction. As our communities become busier, with more traffic and street noise, home can be a noisy place. To keep your sleep schedule undisturbed and enjoy the peace and quiet, replacement windows do a superior job buffering out the noise.