The Quincy Homeowner: Tips for Choosing Replacement Windows

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When you’re thinking about upgrading the windows in your Quincy home, there are a few factors to consider. Every homeowner is different and will have their own set of unique priorities, but in the years we’ve been installing replacement windows in Quincy, we’ve learned that there are three criteria that matter to a lot of families.

#1 Replacement Window Criteria – Performance

It may be that the windows that are currently in your home aren’t everything they could be. This happens for two reasons. You might have an older home, with windows that were manufactured before the energy saving technologies we enjoy today were developed. In some newer homes, the original construction windows were chosen because they were affordable – but that cost savings leaves you living in a cold, drafty home. When choosing replacement windows, you want to look for the Energy Star label – it’s the gold standard for energy efficiency – as well as design features that keep cold air out.

#2 Replacement Window Criteria – Appearance

A home’s windows impact the overall aesthetic and curb appeal of the home. When choosing replacement windows for your Quincy home, we recommend spending some time researching your options. Visiting window showrooms, touring the neighborhood, and looking online are all great ways to familiarize yourself with the many replacement window styles available. We’re happy to make recommendations based on your home’s style and your preferences – just give us a call!

#3 Replacement Window Criteria – Price

Every family has a budget. Replacement windows are an investment in your home. It’s possible to recoup a significant portion of the cost of your windows over time due to the energy savings you’ll enjoy. It’s also important to shop for value. The top name replacement window companies, such as Harvey replacement windows, have their reputation because they’ve delivered years of reliable performance to thousands and thousands of homeowners all across the country.