The Scituate Home: Choosing Replacement Windows

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In 2019, lots of Scituate homeowners are planning to upgrade and improve their homes. One renovation project that adds to the value and curb appeal of the home, while improving the comfort level for everyone inside, is having replacement windows installed.

Understanding Vinyl Replacement Windows

Over the years, many different types of materials have been used to create replacement windows. The replacement windows that feature the best technology, that are best for the environment, and that help homeowners recoup the cost of their investment the fastest are vinyl replacement windows.

Vinyl replacement windows are available in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. For a very traditional look, wood-clad vinyl windows feature wood on the interior on the home, and vinyl on the exterior. For the busy family who appreciates easy-to-clean convenience, you can get vinyl replacement windows in Scitutate that feature vinyl inside and out.

Scituate Style: Classic, Family Friendly, Welcoming

Why do people choose to live in Scituate? A big part of the reason is ocean views. A lot of our customers tell us that when they chose their homes, they were more interested in what they could see through the windows than the windows themselves.

That being said, leaking, drafty windows can diminish the amount of joy you get from your home. Some of the homes in Scituate – especially the older homes – aren’t necessarily as energy efficient as they might be. Having replacement windows installed can make a meaningful difference in home heating bills. But it’s important to choose a look that reflects the character of your home and the neighborhood. In Scituate, that means favoring designs that are classic, family friendly, and welcoming.

Coastal style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. One classic look you see in Scituate is the larger window framed by multiple small windows. Original windows in this configuration are very prone to leaks. Cold air, drafts and moisture all can make their way with ease into the living area.

Having replacement windows installed will eliminate the small leaks, voids, and gaps that allow cold air into the home. Modern replacement window technology can reduce energy loss in the home by up to 40%.