The South Shore’s Essential Window: The Sliding Storm

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We love living in the South Shore because it’s gorgeous – but life here does have its challenges. Our proximity to the ocean means we experience some extreme weather. Spring’s blustery storms, summer’s scorching heat, and autumn’s chilly winds all take their toll, but it’s winter, which in New England is long, cold, and snowy, that’s toughest of them all. To keep our families comfortable all year round, our homes have to be prepared for the elements. That means having sliding storm windows installed.

Storm windows are an extra layer of glass that’s installed to protect your home from dramatic weather. Exterior storm windows are installed on the outside of your house, while interior storm windows are installed inside. Storm windows stop wind and moisture penetration. They also provide an extra layer of defense against any flying debris, freezing rain, or hail.

Storm windows are designed to be absolutely unobtrusive. You can have them installed and no one – not even your nosiest neighbor who comments on every change you make – will notice. They boost your home’s energy efficiency and can even help buffer out annoying neighborhood noises.

Sliding Storm Windows

Sliding storm windows allow you to open your windows and enjoy the breeze when you want to and have instant protection against the elements when you need it. These horizontal configuration windows are practically invisible when installed, operate effortlessly, and are rapidly becoming one of the favorite storm window options here in the South Shore.

People often asked us when is the best time to have sliding storm windows installed? The best answer we can come up with is ‘as soon as you think of it!’ because the weather in this part of the world changes so often and so dramatically.

If you want to have storm windows installed before the first big spring storm blows in from the coast, we can make that happen. If a little later in the year makes more sense for your family and your budget, that’s certainly an option. Have questions or want to know more about the costs of having sliding storm windows installed? Give us a call. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.