The Weymouth Home: Replacement Windows for a More Sustainable Home

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“I don’t want to sound all dramatic, but we only have one planet we can live on,” Michael said. “So as we’re working on our home here in Weymouth, MA, we’re very consciously making choices that minimize the amount of resources needed to keep us living comfortably.” During his research, Michael discovered that energy efficiency experts consistently pinpoint leaky windows and doors as responsible for significant heat loss. “The more heat that’s lost, the more heat you have to replace,” Michael said. “That means the boilers run more, that means more fossil fuel usage…we clearly needed to cut that down.”

The kitchen was the first room to receive vinyl replacement windows. “We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the draft was really noticeable,” Michael explained. “We chose Energy Star windows that are rated for superior energy efficiency,” he added, “and they exceed the standards for thermal performance and structural performance.” Thermal performance refers to how well the windows contain and transfer heat; structural performance refers to the strength of the windows.

“There’s another type of energy that’s important to conserve, and that’s my energy and my wife’s energy,” Michael added. “We have three kids, and kids are messy. We’re always cleaning something as it is. We wanted the windows to be easy to deal with. The vinyl is perfect for a busy family like ours. When it gets grunged up by little fingers, you can wipe it off with a cloth and some cleanser – no big deal. And outside, I just need to spray the frames off with a hose as needed. There’s no more painting the window sashes – and believe me, I don’t miss that job a bit.”

“If you’re thinking about having replacement windows installed in Weymouth, MA, I would definitely say go for it,” Michael said. “We’ve seen the impact on our energy bill, which is the main thing, but the house is also quieter and more comfortable.”