Is It Time for a Three-Season Porch?

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If your family could use a little more space, enjoys outdoor living, and wants to improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home, it might be time for a three-season porch. Three-season porches are often called sunrooms. Three-screen porch windows can be glass, screen, or combination units.

An Attractive, Affordable Way to Add Space to Your Home

There are lots of cozy homes in the South Shore. Sometimes families need a little breathing room. The three-season porch is an ideal location for kids and pets to hang out and relax. If you enjoy plants, the three-season porch can be the ideal setting for houseplants or to start garden veggies. We’ve had clients use their three-season porches as studies, summertime bedrooms, and as fitness rooms.

What’s the Difference Between a 3-Season and a 4-Season Porch?

In some parts of the world, every porch is a 4-season porch. But we live in the South Shore. This part of Massachusetts experiences 4 distinct seasons, including a very cold winter. 4-season porches in our region are insulated, and may be heated. 3-season porches are not insulated, and generally are not heated. That’s why 3-season porches are more affordable to build. That being said, if you have a three-season porch you’d like to upgrade to a 4-season porch, let us know: we’d be happy to help you make it happen.

Choosing Windows for Your 3-Season Porch

The 3-season porch is an eye-catching addition to the home. As windows are a major design element of the 3-season porch, you will want to choose windows that are both attractive and functional. Several top manufacturers produce windows specifically for 3-season porch and sunroom installations. These offer the best performance for the price. Choose windows that enhance the appearance of your home. Vinyl windows are the best option if you want to keep maintenance to a minimum.