Three Season Porch Windows for the Hanover Home

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“Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year,” Vito said. “Part of the upside of living in Massachusetts is the fact we see all the trees going through this amazing transformation every autumn.” A painter and poet, Vito enjoys doing his creative work on the porch of his Hanover home. “The only downside to that,” he explained, “is that at this time of year, it can get a little chilly. And with the school buses? Noise can be a factor in how much I get done in any given day.”

To eliminate chilly drafts and cut down on the amount of environmental noise one is exposed to, finding the right replacement porch windows is key. True Three Season Porch Windows can extend how long you enjoy your porch. Vinyl clad replacement windows can help keep excessive summer heat out while keeping in the warm air during fall and spring’s cooler days.

“The noise reduction was suprising,” Vito said. “Having two layers of glass instead of one makes a real difference. The pocket of insulating gas is really about keeping the temperature constant, but it really cuts down on the amount and intensity of sounds you hear from the neighborhood. It’s really helpful when you’re trying to concentrate!”

Three season porch windows are available in both vinyl and wood clad versions. “We went with vinyl,” Vito said, “because it’s so easy to maintain and also matched with the other windows we have throughout our home. Installation was quick and simple – the Hanover window installation company was in and out in less than a day. I’m so glad we did this!”