Tired of Out of Control Home Heating Costs? Replace Your Windows

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“To be honest, I got tired of fighting with my wife about the thermostat,” Jean said. “I’m over here, turning it up, because I’m freezing, and she’s right behind me, turning it down because we’re broke.” Jean laughed. “To be fair, she has a point. But I want to be able to be comfortable in the house without wearing sixteen layers of clothes.”

There is a solution that allows Weymouth homeowners to enjoy a comfortable home without spending tons of money on home heating costs. Making your home more energy efficient means your home heating system has to run less often to keep your home warm. As a result, you save money. Some common ways of making your home more energy efficient include making sure your home has adequate insulation, especially in the attic, and taking a critical look at your home’s windows.

Leaky windows can be responsible for up to 40% of a home’s energy loss. This can be true even if you don’t see any visible cracks, breaks or gaps in your windows. Very small gaps around the sill can be more than large enough to let the cold air in. Very old single pane windows can offer only minimal protection against the cold.

Having replacement windows installed is a very cost-effective way to dramatically increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. By eliminating the gaps where cold air gets in and warm air gets out, replacement windows make the home more comfortable. Having a draft-free home is important when your family contains young children and small pets who spend a lot of time on or near the floor. It’s also important for older family members or anyone with a health condition that makes it hard for them to maintain a steady body temperature.

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