Understanding Patio Doors: Why Custom Fit Matters

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Here in Scituate, we love our porches and patios. So much of the New England lifestyle is centered on enjoying the great outdoors. We go in and out a lot, whether it’s for a quick jog through the neighborhood or to take the kids out to the beach – hey, it’s not every year we get to do that in December!
Patio doors take a beating. They get pulled on, propped open, and flung wide far more often than the typical door. We tend not to be as careful with patio doors as we are with formal entrance ways. At the same time, patio doors are exposed to the elements. They take the brunt of both winter snows and summer sun.

A point will come when you know you need a replacement patio door. Perhaps your old patio door is just too beat up and damaged to close properly anymore: it may be letting in chilly drafts and moisture. Sometimes a patio door’s just too tired looking for the rest of the house.

To give your home a facelift, you can’t use the one-size fits all patio doors available from the home center, and here’s why:fit matters when it comes to installing a patio door. Fit matters a lot. A one inch gap doesn’t sound very large at all – but when it comes to keeping your family safe, secure, and comfortable, a one inch gap is a huge problem. Ideally, you want a custom patio door, sized to fit your home exactly. This does require installation from an expert team, but the results are by far superior: you have much less cool air and moisture intrusion with custom fit patio doors.