Colonial Charm, Modern Maintenance-Free Ease: Vertical Vinyl Siding

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The Board and Batten look is a classic New England style. Here in the South Shore region, you’ll find many older homes that have the iconic vertical lines of board and batten siding. The boards can vary in width, but most often, they run just about 3 inches, with narrower batten trim boards to complete the look. It’s a gorgeous style that evokes much about the Yankee aesthetic – but if you have it done on your home using the traditional clapboard materials, you’re signing up for a lifetime of work.

If spending your summers painting the house doesn’t sound like a wonderful idea, you’ll want to know about board and batten vertical vinyl siding. This is, if you look closely, what actually appears on many of the higher end homes throughout Pembroke, Braintree, and Marshfield – we can say this, because we installed it and we know it to be true!

You get all of the classic colonial charm of board and batten with the amazing practically-maintenance free convenience of vinyl siding. Every now and then you’ll want to spray off the exterior of your home with a hose; if any areas get sprayed with mud, it might need a power washing, but that’s it. At most, you’re looking at one summer morning’s worth of work compared to the endless days that go into scraping off loose paint and repainting your home on an annual basis. One of the huge benefits of choosing vertical vinyl siding is that the color just does not fade away; your home will look fantastic for decades without you having to do any work to keep the color vibrant.

There’s another area that doesn’t get talked about a lot, and that’s insect trouble. Termites, carpenter ants, and other creepy crawlies can do a number on traditional clapboard siding. They only need the slightest bit of vulnerability to start chewing up your house! Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is completely unappealing to insects. They won’t bother it at all, meaning you never have to worry!