Vinyl Best Choice For Porch Window Replacement in South Shore

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“There was a little bit of a parking mishap,” Judith said, “and we wound up having to have our porch rebuilt. We went with the same basic design, and I though we were going to just re-use the windows we had, but my husband said, “Are you sure we want to do that?”

The majority of South Shore porches are three-season, which means families enjoy them in the spring, summer, and early fall. However, Judith’s husband Milt wanted to do something a little different. “He found this space heater he’s just in love with,” Judith explained with a laugh. “And he wants to be able to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the family – there are six of us, so there’s a lot of that!”

Transforming a three-season porch into a four-season space requires windows that can keep out the cold and snow. “Honestly, I never thought about a draft on the porch, because it’s the porch. But if Milt’s going to be out there for an hour or two with his book, I want him to be warm and comfortable. So we’re going to save those old porch windows for our place in the Berkshires, and instead look for some replacement porch windows.”
Vinyl replacement windows are the best choice for South Shore homes for several reasons. The first is aesthetic: in an area known for its sometimes quirky yet classic look, vinyl replacement porch windows are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose to have replacement porch windows made with or without a grid, depending on what your preferences are, and a number of different grid patterns are available. Cost is another consideration: vinyl replacement windows are very affordable. Finally, there’s the question of durability and maintenance required. Vinyl wins on both counts: it is long lasting without needing lots of special care.