Replacing the Windows To Save Money: Smart Idea?

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“Last year we spent a fortune heating the house. This year, it hasn’t been quite as cold, but it’s been chilly,” Daniel said. “So I’m thinking about what upgrades I can make to make the house more comfortable and save some money heating this place. One of the options on the table is having replacement windows installed – but does that really pay off in the long run?”

Energy efficiency experts have found that as much as 40% of a home’s energy can be lost through leaky windows and doors. The older the windows are, the more likely they are to have the small cracks, gaps, and splits that let cold air in and warm air out.

When determining if upgrading your windows makes sense, you’ll want to look at the condition of your current windows. If they’re more than 20 years old, have any visible damage, or you know they let a lot of cold air into the home, those windows are a good candidate for replacement.

Another area to consider when trying to keep your home warm is the amount of energy lost through french doors, sliding glass doors, entry way doors, and any other doors you may have in the home. Many people don’t know this, but you can have replacement doors installed in much the same way replacement windows are installed. You’ll want to talk to your vinyl window replacement company for details. Obviously, these larger items can contribute significantly to the amount of energy your home is losing.

The other component to consider when thinking about upgrading your windows is the cost of energy. For a number of reasons, energy costs have been climbing steadily for the past several years. This trend is poised to continue going forward, which means that you’ll be paying more and more for home heating costs. This makes reducing the amount of wasted energy a critical consideration.