Vinyl Replacement Windows Ranks High in Survey of Most Desirable Home Renovations

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America’s realtors are absolute experts on what will influence a potential homebuyer to say “Yes, this is the property I want for my very own!” The National Association of Realtors has just released their Remodel Impact Report, which tracks the value of various home improvements and upgrades on both the homeowner’s satisfaction and the eventual selling price of the home.

New Vinyl Windows ranked #2 on two vital considerations: impact on the likelihood a property will appeal to a buyer and impact of value for resale. Only a new roof – which is a fairly significant investment – ranks higher. Here’s why vinyl replacement windows have such an impact on Braintree and other local homeowners:

1) Attractive appearance. Human beings are visually oriented. We buy with our eyes before anything else. Today’s modern vinyl replacement windows are designed for maximum curb appeal. Created of 100% virgin PVC, vinyl replacement windows are durable and long lasting. They require very little maintenance – you never have to worry about painting them – and the color you select for your exterior finish lasts for decades without fading. Depending on the brand of vinyl replacement windows you choose, the exterior finish can be white, almond, black, silver, red, green, or another hue chosen to best suit your home.

2) Energy efficiency. Up to 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through leaky windows and doors. When a potential buyer sees new vinyl windows installed, they know they will enjoy the lower fuel costs that come with an energy efficient home. This can be a very serious consideration, especially in Braintree and the rest of the region, where we truly get four full seasons of weather.