Vinyl Siding: Budget Friendly, Long Lasting & Stylish – Even for High End Homes

Over 1,000 homes served in over 40 years of business

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an exterior for your home. Whether you’re having a home built or you want to freshen up the exterior of your current home, you have choices. Here in the Hanover, MA area, you’ll see homes with traditional wooden clapboard siding, brick facades, vinyl siding, and even some metal siding. Which one is right for your property?

The answer to that question depends a lot on how much money you have to spend and how much time you want to invest in keeping your home looking great. Brick definitely is at the top of the list from a budget perspective: both the materials used in creating a gorgeous brick facade and the expert mason needed to make it happen are typically quite pricey. While wooden clapboard siding is marginally more affordable, it does have a significant upkeep component to be aware of: you’ll need to have the house painted every couple of years, which typically costs several thousand dollars. Metal siding requires less upkeep, but is roughly price equivalent to wooden clapboard siding and is not equally welcome in all neighborhoods. Vinyl siding hits the sweet spot: budget friendly, low maintenance, and stylish enough for use in affluent and status-conscious neighborhoods. Vinyl siding can also be used on a house with other exteriors such as brick or shingles.

When choosing a vinyl siding contractor, it’s a good idea to ask them for examples of work they’ve done on homes that look like your home. This will help you better visualize what you can expect if you choose them to install vinyl siding on your Hanover, MA home. Any reputably vinyl siding contractor will be happy to provide you with references. It’s important to choose an experienced vinyl siding company because they can help you pick the right exterior for your property.