Vinyl Siding for Stress Free Summers

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“I know, I know, we had an entire summer closed down for the pandemic,” Alan said. “That’s time I could have used to paint our house. But do you know what? In between working from home, remote learning with the kids, and trying to handle everything else that came with this crazy situation, I just didn’t find the time. And now that this summer maybe means a little freedom, we’re going to go see my parents and my husband’s parents. But I don’t want the house looking terrible. You know what that means? Vinyl siding.”

Vinyl siding is the most popular home exterior choice in the United States for a number of reasons. First, it’s budget friendly. Two: Vinyl siding is long lasting and super durable. On average, the better vinyl siding products are lasting more than thirty years without color fade or buckling. Another reason to love vinyl siding? Termites don’t love it, nor do carpenter ants, the two top damage causing insects native to the Hanover, MA area. Finally, and this is a big one: vinyl siding requires little to no maintenance to keep the home looking great.

“Ok, maybe once a year I get out there with the hose and spray down where the kids’ bikes spray up some mud or whatever,” Alan said. “We’re talking about a few hours of my time. The last time we painted the house, I was on a ladder for days. And between you and me, I did not enjoy it. Not one bit.”

While choosing to have vinyl siding installed on your Hanover, MA home may not eliminate all of the stress from the summer, it will free you from ever having to deal with the expense and hard work of painting the place ever again. The best Hanover, MA vinyl siding installers will be happy to walk you through your many options so you can pick a look you’ll love.