Vinyl Siding Installers: What To Look For

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If you’re looking to have vinyl siding installed on your South Shore home, you know there is no shortage of contractors who say they can do the job. It’s important to devote some time to finding the right vinyl siding installer. The appearance and performance of vinyl siding depends on the quality of the installation. The skills and experience of the vinyl siding contractor is so important that several top vinyl siding brands require that their products be installed by approved contractors in order to be eligible for warranty protection.

Here are the traits you want to look for in a vinyl siding installer:

Experience. Vinyl siding installation may appear to be simple, but it’s actually not. You want vinyl siding installers who have experience to handle the individual quirks of your home. Ask how many homes they’ve put siding on, or how many years they’ve been in business. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to prefer vinyl siding contractors who have been in business for a while – they’ve had time to accumulate references you can check!

Craftsmanship. When vinyl siding isn’t installed properly, it can buckle, warp or sag. Another issue that’s attributed to vinyl siding installation is noisy siding. When you’re checking references for the vinyl siding installer you’re considering, drive by the houses they’ve worked on. Consider the exterior. Is the quality of work you can see at the level you expect for your own home? When checking references, ask if the siding is noisy, and if they’d choose the same contractor to work on their home again.

Pricing. While everyone has a budget, price shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing a vinyl siding installation contractor. Instead, get a number of bids. Choose the vinyl siding installer who makes sense for your budget – don’t limit yourself to the lowest bidder!