Vinyl Siding Trim Details To Elevate Your Home’s Appearance

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Vinyl siding is the most common exterior cladding in America, but you want your house to stand out. Does that mean vinyl’s not for you? Have no fear – you can still enjoy the budget friendly durability of vinyl siding while still having an architecturally interesting house. The difference is in the details. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Trim?

Trim is every part of your home’s exterior that is not siding, windows, or doors. This includes window sills, casings, and shutters. Door casings, fascia boards, soffit boards, and other architectural details are all considered trim as well.

There’s an infinite number of variations in these type of details. You can choose from stock options or in some cases where your home’s unique characteristics demand or you have a particular look in mind, vinyl trim can be custom created.

What’s the Value of Trim?

Structurally, trim covers up seams and points in the home’s exterior that are too small to be addressed with vinyl siding. It’s important to understand that for your home to have maximum protection, you want to make sure there’s no point where the outside weather can get to the underlying structure of your home.

Trim also has an aesthetic job to do. When you have people looking at your house, they come away with a certain impression of who you are and how you conduct yourself based on the appearance of your home. Your home’s exterior is a way to express your personality and values to the world. For some people, minimal trim that does the functional job suffices – this is a modern look with very clean lines. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, this is where classic options in shutters, fascia boards, and other architectural details makes sense. If you have a historic home, your local vinyl installation experts can help you make choices that preserve the look of the home exactly while keeping the budget under control.