Want a Better Kitchen? Choose Better Kitchen Windows

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“”When we started talking about renovating the kitchen, I really thought the conversation was going to be around the appliances, or maybe the cabinetry,” Stephen said. “But then when we got talking to our kitchen designer, and they asked us what we didn’t have in our current kitchen that we really, really wanted in the new one, my wife and I both had the same answer: light.”

Everyone wants a bright, airy kitchen. Unfortunately, in this part of Massachusetts, many older homes were built with small kitchens that had few, if any windows. The result: dark, cramped kitchens that are hard to work in and enjoy.

As a Massachusetts window and door company, we’ve supported many kitchen renovation projects. Choosing new windows for your kitchen can be a very fun part of your renovation. Here’s what you need to know:

Anything is possible. Today’s modern replacement window companies are amazingly versatile. If you want your kitchen windows to be an exact match of other windows you have in your home, that’s absolutely possible. If you’d like special features like a bay or garden window, you’ll love the options you have to choose from.

Natural light improves the livability of the home. It’s important to understand the impact natural light has on you and your family. Here in New England, there’s a good chunk of the year where we really have minimal amounts of natural light. You want to make the most of what’s available by having lots of windows in the rooms you use the most. For many families, that means the kitchen.

Replacement windows can help you save money on your home heating costs. If your original kitchen windows are older and have gaps, leaks or cracks in their seals, you can be losing up to 40% of your home’s energy. Modern replacement windows are extremely energy efficient, which means you save money.