What Are the Signs it’s Time for New Siding?

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When you look at your South Shore home, are you happy with what you see? Our home’s exterior is the very first thing the world sees. Is the image you’re presenting consistent with your family’s style and values? Good quality vinyl siding can last a long time. How do you know it’s time to replace your vinyl siding? Look for these signals:

1) You’re not happy with how your house looks. This is the most important criteria. If you’re not pleased with your home’s appearance, it’s definitely time to take action. Being happy in your home matters.

2) The siding is damaged. Extreme weather – including wind, water, and hail as well as storms and natural disasters – and animals can damage your siding. The damage isn’t going to repair itself, and any point where the siding is compromised can allow moisture to get to your home’s structure, causing expensive problems. (Bonus tip: always inspect your home’s siding after a storm. If some has come loose or is damaged, call your South Shore siding company for repairs. This will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs down the road!)

3) Extreme fading. If the vinyl siding on your home is several decades old, there may be one or more areas where the sun has caused the color to fade. Replacing your siding will give your home the vibrant, consistent color you’re craving. Best of all, because vinyl siding technology has advanced so much, you’ll be able to enjoy that new color for the next quarter century or more!

4) Home additions & extensive remodels. If you’ve had an addition put on your South Shore home or performed extensive renovations, such as adding dormer windows, you’ll need these areas sided. It’s really a judgement call whether your best option is to side only the new construction or to re-side the whole house. Your South Shore siding company can prepare estimates for both options so you can choose what works best for your family!