What Type of Exterior Siding is Best for the South Shore?

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Is it time to freshen up your home’s appearance? Upgrading the exterior siding is a quick way to totally transform the appearance of your home – and if you’re tired of painting your home every year or two, switching to vinyl siding can save you a ton of work. If you currently have vinyl siding in place, you’ll know it’s time for an upgrade if your current siding sags, has cracks or gaps, has been damaged by weather, or has faded. The expected useful life of vinyl siding varies by manufacturer, but if it’s been 25 years or longer since your vinyl siding was installed, it may be time to consider an upgrade. And of course, if you’ve decided you’re not in love with the color of your home, it’s time for a change!

What type of exterior siding is best for the South Shore? The main thing to keep in mind when choosing exterior siding for your home is the range of weather conditions your home is exposed to. The South Shore has four distinct seasons of weather, each of which presents its own set of challenges. Winter’s freezing temperatures and icy winds can damage siding, as can spring storms, blistering summer sun, and the sometimes fierce fall winds. The reason we choose to install and recommend Certain-Teed vinyl siding is because it’s proven to perform very well under these demanding conditions, pleasing homeowners now and for many years to come.

When considering vinyl siding, you have a choice between horizontal vinyl siding and vertical vinyl siding. Vertical vinyl siding is sometimes referred to as board and batten siding, a very popular style here in the South Shore. The other top choice is woodgrain horizontal vinyl siding, which gives a home the look of traditional clapboard without all of the work. The hot dry weather we’re having right now is ideal house-painting weather: would you rather be standing on a ladder right now painting your home or relaxing with a cool drink somewhere? If that’s an easy choice for you, you’ll love vinyl siding.