What Type of Storm Windows Are Best For Massachusetts?

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“After living through the coldest weekend of my life in this house, I am determined to get this place warmer. There’s a lot of cold air coming in through all of the upstairs windows, which is where the kids’ bedrooms are, and downstairs isn’t much better. What type of storm windows should I get?”

Storm windows definitely have a role to play in keeping Massachusetts homes warm and comfortable. These extra layers of glass serve as an additional barrier, keeping cold air and moisture out and warm air in. Homeowners who struggle to keep their heating bills under control often find that storm windows can reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep a home warm.

North Star Bailey carries only high quality storm windows that have a low air infiltration rating. Air infiltration is a fancy way to refer to the amount of air that leaks into or out of your home via cracks, leaks, faulty windows and loose fitting doors. High air infiltration numbers reveal that your home is fairly open to the outdoors, and you’re enjoying minimal protection from the elements. Low air infiltration rates mean that the cold air is being kept outside, where it belongs.

The best storm windows for Massachusetts are available in two types: exterior storm windows and interior storm windows. If you’re in a hurry and are working with a limited budget, interior storm windows are your most cost effective option. They install with clips or magnetic fasteners, and are designed to be taken down and stored during the warmer months of the year. Exterior storm windows today are very different than the storm windows you may remember from your youth – while those had to be installed and removed each year, modern exterior storm windows are installed in place permanently. Double hung and sliding storm windows have screen units so you can continue to enjoy the outdoor breezes when they’re warm and pleasant.