What’s The Best Vinyl Siding Choice for the Historic Weymouth Home?

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Weymouth is the second oldest town in Massachusetts, and as such, has many historic homes. Protecting the historic nature of the community is important to many. However, the wooden clapboard siding many homes were built with simply can not last forever. Over the years, regional homes have needed their siding replaced time and time again.

Replacing clapboard with clapboard is historically accurate, but ties the property owner into an expensive and time consuming maintenance schedule. For that reason, many Massachusetts communities have allowed the use of high quality horizontal vinyl siding.

For use on the historic Weymouth home, we recommend several products, including the Restoration SmoothTM Triple 3″ Clapboard. This product has several distinctive features that make it a top choice. First and foremost, it looks like wooden clapboard – even when you get up very close. The width, texture, and design of the siding mimics the look of classic Colonial clapboard siding.

The second consideration that makes us recommend this particular horizontal vinyl siding is the inherent quality of the product. This is vinyl siding that looks and feels substantial. It laps extremely tightly, which means it’s snug against your house when it’s installed – and it stays that way for decades, without any sagging, drooping, or otherwise disappointing you.

We’ve been installing this horizontal vinyl siding on historic homes for over a quarter century. Today, you can drive past a job we did more than 20 years ago and see the siding still looks fantastic. If you really want to invest in a siding that delivers better than superior performance and a historically accurate look, we’ve got the product you’re looking for. Call us to find out more.