When Your Front Door Needs Way More Than A New Coat of Paint

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“His parents are flying out here for the first time ever to spend Christmas with us,” Petunia said. “Obviously, everything’s got to be perfect.” She has spent the past month preparing the couple’s Marshfield home. “I’ve done a lot of painting,” she added with a laugh. “Replaced the hardware in the bathroom, so all the pulls matched. The guest room is absolutely on-point. So I’m thinking we’re all good.”

Then Petunia went to hang a balsam wreath on the front door. “Honestly, we never had a wreath before, but this year, his folks are coming, there’s got to be a wreath,” Petunia said. “And that’s when I really stopped and looked at our front door.” After years of being exposed to the elements, the couple’s exterior door was faded and tired looking. “The door didn’t really shut right,” Petunia explained. “It closed and everything, but it looked saggy and old.” There was also some damage around the bottom of the door, where last year’s heavy snow and ice accumulation had taken a toll.

Petunia got upset. “Who cares how beautiful the house looks inside when the first thing his parents see is going to be this nasty old door?” She considered painting the door to freshen it up, but “That would do nothing to change the fact it’s twenty years out of style and just worn out!”

Elegant, attractive replacement exterior doors are available. “I talked to my friend, and she recommended the Marshfield building contractors who put her new entrance way in. She got a gorgeous new door, with windows on either side – it really transformed her home and made it look so elegant.” It didn’t take long at all for Petunia to have a replacement exterior door installed. “It was so pretty I didn’t want to put the wreath on it!” she said with a laugh. “But when his parents got here, it was absolutely perfect – worth every penny!”