Why Wood Clad Replacement Windows Are Top Choice in Hanover

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“I knew that Bob wanted to have replacement windows installed for a long time,” Nancy said. “Every winter, I’d hear about the heating bill and how much money we would save if we’d just change the windows. But I have to admit that I was against the idea.” She shrugged her shoulders. “We’ve worked really hard on making this house into our home – a pretty nice home, if I do say so. And so many replacement windows – well. They just look cheap and plastic. That’s not the look I want.”

Discerning homeowners, in the Hanover region and beyond, have certain aesthetic considerations they keep in mind when choosing replacement windows. For these homeowners, functionality and appearance are equally important. Replacement windows must deliver superior performance, effectively keeping warm air in and cold drafts out, while also presenting a high-end, quality look.

That’s why wood clad replacement windows are a top choice in Hanover. We particularly recommend the Majesty Window by Harvey. Customers who have had these wood clad replacement windows installed have been thrilled with them, both immediately after installation and in the long term. Here’s what our customers have really liked about them:

The pine interior: the warm wood interior framing on these replacement windows adds warmth and elegance to any room. It’s a very upscale look that works in any room in the house. Exterior trim is available in four colors: white, almond, dark bronze, and forest green.

The high precision: Majesty windows are custom sized and feature draft-busting weather stripping that surrounds the entire window unit. These wood clad replacement windows are Energy Star rated, which can result in tax savings – talk to your financial advisor or accountant for more details.