Will Having Replacement Windows Installed Make You Happier?

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“At some point, you just have to realize there’s only so much money in your budget and a lot of things in the house need to be fixed,” Annette said. The South Shore homeowner was sharing her experiences trying to remodel her home affordably. “You’ve got to prioritize. You’ve got to make choices. And I figured out that if I was going to be happy with how I spent my money, I wanted my home to visibly look better and be more comfortable.”

Vinyl replacement windows have an immediate and noticeable impact on your home’s appearance, particularly if you’re updating older windows that are in moderate to poor condition. “The windows we had taken out were original to the house, which was built in the mid-80’s,” Annette explained. “They just didn’t wear well. The weather really took a toll on them, and they were pretty drafty.” Rather than trying to match the exact style she’d had, Annette chose a different look, choosing from different glass and grid options to express her personal style. “It really makes the house look cheerier and more inviting,” she said.

“And looks aren’t everything,” Annette said. “I like to save money!” Energy experts estimate that up to 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through leaky windows. Having replacement windows installed in the South Shore, MA eliminates the leaks, gaps, and minute cracks that let cold air in. This means you can save money on your home heating and cooling costs. “I hadn’t realized how much the draft in the bedroom bothered me until it was gone,” Annette added. “Since we’ve had the windows installed, the bedroom is warmer and quieter and I sleep so much better.”

“So when you ask will having replacement windows installed make you happier? From our experience, we’d have to say yes. But I’m just this person on the internet, you know? Talk to people you know who have had replacement windows put in. Ask them what they thought and if they’re happier. That’s information you can use to make your own decision!”