What Can I Do To Make My House Warmer & More Comfortable?

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“I am glad winter is coming to an end,” Dawn said. The Cohasset homeowner has spent the season in what she describes as a surprisingly drafty house and is ready for a change. “My question is what can I do to make my house warmer and more comfortable?”

Because Dawn lives in an older home – it was built in the late 1980’s – the first place to look for improvement is the windows. As you may remember, there was a bit of a regional building boom at that time period, and many of the original construction windows installed at that time were chosen for price rather than performance. Now, forty years later, these windows have gaps, cracks, leaks and other damage that results in cold and drafty homes.

Replacement window installation is one of the simplest, most satisfying home improvement projects. Much of the cost of having replacement windows installed is recouped by the savings in home heating expenses that results.

Replacement Windows Can Be An Exact Match for Your Current Windows – Or Choose Something New!

“I actually don’t mind what the windows look like,” Dawn said. “I think my house is pretty cute just the way it is.” One of the nice things about having high grade replacement windows installed is that you can generally get windows that are an exact match for the style you already have in place. Vinyl clad replacement windows offer the added advantage of being easy to clean and requiring little to no maintenance.

The Time to Schedule Your Replacement Window Installation is Now

As a Cohasset window contractor, we can tell you that after two years of pandemic restrictions and a lot of uncertainty about fuel costs, demand for replacement window installation is high. Coupled with some supply chain issues, it’s important to get a jump start on this project in order to have it completed before winter’s cold temperatures return again. Have questions or want to know exactly how much it would cost to have replacement windows installed in your home? Get in touch today!