Choosing Windows for the Home Office

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While kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations continue to top the list of popular home upgrades, many people are choosing to create or renovate a home office in 2022. The reason is simple: the COVID pandemic isn’t resolving particularly fast and Zoom backgrounds can only do so much.

One of the nice things about creating a home office is you can enjoy all of those amenities that aren’t always available to everyone in the corporate setting. Things like a door that closes and a window with a beautiful view. We asked a window contractor near Marshfield what you should know when choosing a window for your home office, and here’s what they had to say:

Consider the style of the other windows in the home

As a rule of thumb, the windows in any home should be similar in style to each other. If you love your existing windows, that’s great – your replacement window contractor should be able to help you find windows that are an exact match (in most instances) or very, very close indeed. If you don’t love your existing windows and know that renovations are in your future, choose an office window in the style you’d like to see present in the rest of the house.

Energy efficiency is extremely important for productivity.

When we talk about energy efficient windows, the conversation often centers on the budget and how much money you can save by upgrading the windows. And it’s true that you can lose a lot of heat through old and leaky windows. But energy efficient windows also eliminate cold drafts coming in, and that’s been shown to boost creative thinking and productivity. Makes sense – it’s hard to do your best thinking when you’re shivering.

In some locations, upgrading to more energy efficient windows will qualify you for utility and tax incentives. Make sure to check with the appropriate professionals to ensure you’re not missing out on any savings you qualify for when creating your new home office.