Adding Windows Can Transform A Room

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“So, the pandemic happened. I started working from home,” Darlene said. “And like a lot of people, I’m going to keep working from home. Knowing this, it’s time for me to start getting real about the space I work in.”

Transforming the guest room into a home office means more than putting the laptop on top of the dresser. “I made a list of what I needed,” Darlene explained. “Yes, a desk. Yes, a better chair that won’t kill my back. Yes, we’re going to get the walls painted. But what I wanted the most was more natural light.”

The guest bedroom has an Eastern exposure. “That means a lot of early morning light, which is perfect for me,” Darlene explained. “But the room only has the typical double-hung bedroom window. We reached out to the window contractor near me to see what could be done.”

Adding windows can transform a room. In most cases, this isn’t a difficult renovation to make. Your window contractor can talk to you about what’s involved in enlarging your existing window or adding additional windows to the room. Darlene opted to have two more double hung windows installed, flanking the original window. Other options include having a picture window installed, or having a bay window installed.

“Once the windows were installed, the room lost its bedroom feel,” Darlene said. “Having a proper desk helped a lot, too. I feel a lot more at peace and productive in my new work space.” Research into workplace productivity has consistently found natural light boosts worker mood and productivity. It makes sense that boost would happen in the home office setting as well.

“I think a lot of people are in the position I’m in, where you just sort of slide into having a home office without ever setting one up. For those people, I’m here to say it’s not to late to start treating yourself better. Adding more windows to the room wasn’t that expensive, and when you think about the fact I’m in here working every single day? Totally worth it.” Darlene said. “Don’t be afraid to invest in your happiness.”

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