4 Ways To Tell It’s Time for Replacement Windows

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If you’ve been thinking about having replacement windows installed, and you’re not sure that this is the right time, this article is for you! We’re going to share 4 ways you can tell it’s definitely time to have replacement windows installed.

Time for Replacement Windows: Clue #1 – Cracks & Damage

We’re going to start with the obvious position. Your home windows shouldn’t be damaged. Unacceptable damage includes any broken windows, as well as windows that are cracked, chipped, or have other visible damage. Some window damage is invisible. If you have windows that are supposed to open but they don’t, it’s time for replacement window installation.

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Time for Replacement Windows: Clue #2 – Your Home is Uncomfortable

your windows play a vital role in protecting your home from the worst weather. It’s literally their job to keep cold drafts and hot sun out. Not to mention rain, snow and ice – you definitely don’t want that inside the house where your children and pets are! If your home is drafty, cold, and otherwise uncomfortable, your older windows may be responsible. It’s time to talk to a window contractor about replacement windows.

Time for Replacement Windows: Clue #3 – Your Home Doesn’t Look as Nice as It Used To

Homes are like people. We all need a little TLC to keep looking our best. It’s easy to take the appearance of the house for granted, but sometimes curb appeal starts slipping away from us. Take an objective look at your home. Compare it with other homes in your neighborhood. If you’ve had the same windows for twenty or more years, the odds are they’re showing their age. Coupled with performance issues, a tired appearance is a good reason to have replacement windows installed.

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Time for Replacement Windows: Clue #4 – You’re Spending Way More on Home Heating & Cooling Than You Want To

Are you spending a fortune every winter keeping your home warm? You may want to consider replacing your windows and doors. Energy experts have found that up to 40% of lost home heating energy can escape through older, inefficient windows and doors.