Room Challenging to Light Properly? Consider Adding New Windows

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“We’ve been steadily remodeling our home,” Dawn said, “but now that we’re transforming what was the guest bedroom into an office, I’ve really hit a roadblock lighting wise. I want the space to be bright and cheerful to work in. Currently there’s an overhead fixture, and I’ve got some lamps, but it’s just not the right light for the space.”

Now, we’re South Shore window contractors. You’ve got to know we have a horse in this race. But be that as it may, let’s take a second to pragmatically and objectively look at when window installation is the right answer to your home lighting challenges.

What windows do is let in natural daylight. Study after study after study shows that’s it’s exposure to plentiful amounts of natural daylight that helps people stay happy and healthy. There are really expensive lighting fixtures you can purchase to get the impact of natural daylight in your workspace, or you can have your local window contractor install some new windows and get the real thing.

Windows do more than let in daylight. They also provide a view. Now we’re not sure what kind of work you do, but if it’s the type that requires a lot of thinking on your part, it’s also likely that you have times when you need to look away from what you’re doing. Staring out the window has a long tradition of inspiring creative thinking and innovative problem solving. By having a new window installed in your home office, you’re equipping yourself for success.

Windows also let you feel more connected to the world. This is important for people who are finding the switch to remote work difficult. Not everybody dreams of having a quiet place to work all alone. Having a window and seeing the everyday activities of neighborhood life can help counter feelings of isolation.