Window Replacement in South Shore, MA: Who Is Really Reliable?

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“I know I want to have the windows in our South Shore home replaced,” Tonya said, “but I don’t know how to find a contractor whose really reliable. All of those home review sites make their money from selling advertising to the home improvement companies who want my business – how am I supposed to trust their recommendations are truly objective? Are all of those reviews real?”

We can’t pretend we don’t have a horse in this race. There are a lot of companies offering window replacement in the South Shore, MA area. When you’re trying to pick the best one to work on your home, review sites can be helpful, but, as Tonya said, there’s no guarantee they’re completely unbiased. In this world we live in, your best bet remains doing your own research and interviewing potential contractors before you decide who to work with. Here are some points to keep in mind:

What type of windows does the window replacement company deal in? We focus on vinyl replacement windows and wood clad vinyl replacement windows. This includes CertainTeed replacement windows as well as Harvey replacement windows. We only install high quality, Energy Star replacement windows because these are the windows that deliver all the benefits our customers want.

What kind of warranty comes with the replacement windows? All of our windows have a lifetime warranty, including accidental glass breakage. Make sure you ask about warranty protection before you choose a vendor, and get that warranty in writing!

How long has the window replacement company been in business? Experience matters. When you’re choosing a company to work on your home, you want to know they know how to do the job properly and have a reputation for excellence. Homeowners in the South Shore are a very demanding, detail oriented bunch of people. When a company’s been around for 20+ years, the way we have, you know it’s because they know how to make the customer happy!