Window Replacement in the South Shore: A Smart Move to Save Money

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“I’ll be honest with you – I wanted new windows for our South Shore home because our old windows were ugly,” Karen said. “Having replacement windows installed in a house is like a face lift for your place. It rejuvenates the appearance and makes your home look nicer.” She laughed. “But what got Steve on board with the idea is learning that we could save money on our heating bill.”

“I’m from Atlanta – Karen’s the Yankee,” Steve explained. “When we talked about moving to Massachusetts, she told me it got cold in the winter time. Cold doesn’t even begin to cover what these past two winters have been like. I felt like I was cranking up the thermostat – and when the fuel bill came, it turns out I was always turning up the thermostat. We can’t afford to keep doing this!”

Home energy efficiency experts consistently report that up to 40% of a home’s energy can be lost through leaky windows and doors. This is obviously an expensive proposition, and it’s rough on your home heating system, which needs to run more often to keep the interior of your home warm and comfortable. “And a furnace is like any other mechanical device,” Steve said. “The more you need to run it, the quicker it wears out. I’m in no hurry to take that home repair on, so looking into ways to make our home more energy efficient makes sense to me.”

As part of the process of having replacement windows installed in the South Shore, a member of our team went to Karen and Steve’s home and measured their existing windows. “I hadn’t realized the windows were individually made to order,” Steve said, “but it’s that kind of precision that makes the energy efficiency possible.” Steve and Karen chose vinyl replacement windows. “Easy maintenance sounds great to me!”