Window Replacement or Restoration: What Makes Sense for Your South Shore Home

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“Our home is on the older side,” Simone said, “so as we’re fixing it up, we’re trying to be careful and hold onto its character. Which has led to a gigantic debate between my husband and myself when it comes to the windows. We know that something happens – this entire house is so drafty it’s crazy! But are we better off having replacement windows installed, or should we have the windows we have restored?”

This is a question we hear all of the time as a South Shore glass and door company. And as much as we’d like to say there’s one answer that’s going to work for everyone, the truth is that there’s not. In some instances, window restoration is the absolute right answer. In other cases, having replacement windows installed makes more sense.

Window restoration can make sense when you’re dealing with original windows. This is a relatively rare phenomenon throughout the South Shore, but there are homes tucked away here and there that do have the windows they were built with decades or even centuries ago. If preserving your home’s authenticity, look and character is important to you, and you’d like to have a warmer, more comfortable home, having the windows restored will definitely improve your home’s energy efficiency. Be prepared to spend some serious money – window restoration is not cheap, and finding a qualified professional to do the work for you can involve some searching.

Many homes in the South Shore area do not have their original windows anymore, or if they do, they’re modern original construction windows that don’t have much to offer in the way of style or charm. In these instances, having replacement windows installed makes more sense. You can choose replacement windows that look exactly the same as your existing windows, if that’s your preference, or pick from the many style options to enhance your home’s aesthetics. The price savings is considerable, and you have the extra financial consideration of saving money on your home heating.